About–Jason Miller


I’m Jason Miller.  I am married with seven kids ages 25,23,20,8, 6, 3 and 2.  My wife, our four kids and I live in Arizona where I work at a non-profit agency as a counselor.  I have an associate license at a masters degree level and am hoping to be an Licensed Clinical Social Worker next year.

I consider myself blessed with peaks and valleys in my abilities.  Day by day I try to be thankful to God for both.  Yep, that G-word. I am a believer and called to be a social worker.  I hope that both those identities give me a perspective to inject better seeking in both regarding truth in the human condition.

What kind of believer?  Most fundamentally I consider myself a Christ-follower.  How that is looking in expression has changed radically in recent years by going from being a Protestant to a Catholic (nope, not a typo). I am enjoying the journey and taking one day at a time.  Enjoy!


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